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Kenneth Kunze

Kenneth Kunze

Fire Prevention Specialist, IC Fire Prevention

Kenneth A. Kunze founded IC Fire Prevention in 2015 with the goal of reducing fire-related risk to life and property in hazardous industries. His expertise is a result of 30 years of fire service and leadership including 15 years as a battalion chief in the combat division of the Fort Wayne, Ind., Fire Department. Having experienced the devastating outcomes of ineffective fire prevention first-hand, preventing disasters became his mission. The IC Fire Prevention team assisted ISRI in developing a “Guide to Creating a Fire Prevention and Management Plan” and conducted a 2021 OSHA-funded study of fire hazards in the recycling industry on behalf of ISRI. IC Fire Prevention continues to work with ISRI, and recyclers of all types, to achieve lower levels of fire risk through fire assessments, training, and education.

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Day 4 - March 22 March 22, 2022
2:15 pm - 3:30 pm

Do You Need a Common Sense Approach to Fire Prevention?

Breakers K-L

Why do we have a fire prevention plan? If your first answer is that OSHA requires it, you need a more common-sense approach. If you check your extinguishers or keep your exits clear to appease the local fire department, you need a more common-sense fire approach. If you do your fire training because it came up on the calendar, you need a more common-sense approach. If you don’t know your local firefighters by name, you could use a more common-sense approach to fire prevention.