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Marina Kmiec

Marina Kmiec

Risk Advisor, Assurance Agency-MMA

Marina Kmiec grew up in an industrial neighborhood in Chicago. Now she’s dedicated to protecting recyclers and their employees. She seeks to fully understand the specific needs of each operation she consults on to create a customized safety and risk management plan. Through that individualized approach, Kmiec has successfully helped her clients minimize organizational risk and maximize the health and well-being of those clients’ employees. She also encourages her clients to remember that their insurance portfolio can be an asset to their growth.

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Day 5 – March 23 March 23, 2022
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Understanding the Impact of Risk: A Case Study on One Company’s Victory over the Insurance Crisis

Breakers H-I

Companies across the industry are facing unprecedented challenges when addressing their insurance needs. Either their premiums have skyrocketed, or coverage has been completely unavailable. One company, the ARCOA Group, may have found a key to help manage the problem. This session will explore the ways that ARCOA has used a risk-based approach to environmental, health, and safety and quality issues, which has ensured that its insurance costs have stayed stagnate. Hear from ARCOA’s owner and compliance team, as well as the company's insurance broker, who will discuss ways that you can improve your insurance experience, regardless of the commodity you process.