ISRI2022 programming focuses on a wide range of topics for recycling industry professionals.
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Fire Prevention – A Common-Sense Approach for Recycling

Why do we have a fire prevention plan? If your first answer is that OSHA requires it, you need a more common-sense approach. If you check your extinguishers or keep your exits clear to appease the local fire department, you need a more common-sense fire approach. If you do your fire training because it came up on the calendar, you need a more common-sense approach. If you don’t know your local firefighters by name, you could use a more common-sense approach to fire prevention.

An Untapped Labor Solution: Successfully Employing Those with Disabilities

Of the 50 million people in the U.S. with a disability, less than 20% are participating in the labor force. This workforce typically has lower rates of absenteeism, turnover, and lost time accidents. Learn about the process for hiring individuals who have a 98% on the clock task engagement to improve your productivity and bottom line. With this strategy, your business can leverage the talents of an underserved population, increase community engagement, and provide new opportunities for collaboration.

Navigating the Turbulent Ocean of International Shipping

Understanding international shipping as well as its associated nuances can be challenging. Suppliers, traders, and buyers are not always completely aware of the various procedures involved in shipping. Gain a better sense of shipping to augment and improve your operations, especially as it gets more turbulent by the day.

MRF Innovations and Collaborative Financing Models to Strengthen Recycling Infrastructure

MRFs across the country are innovating operations. Learn from the first city in Indiana to deploy an AI-guided robotic sorting system in a single-stream recycling facility, made possible through an investment by both public and private entities. This investment increased the volume of high-quality resin available for new packaging based on material recycled locally and extended the lifecycle of plastics. Gain perspective on how technology and collaborative partnerships like these help strengthen recycling infrastructure, and how this model can be replicated in your community.

Spotlight on Plastics: Recycled Content, EPR, and Market Conditions

Learn the current increasing supply and demand trends for recycled plastics and how this will impact the industry moving forward. EPR, recycled content legislation, and international changes for imports, aimed largely at post-consumer plastics packaging, continue to affect the industry. Gain the perspective you need to stay ahead of the trends.

Spotlight on Paper: Logistics, Supply Chain, and Trucking Challenges in the Recovered Paper Market

The last recession, logistical challenges, transportation interruptions, and supply chain disruptions have had a lasting effect on the recovered paper marketplace. Mixed paper is in high demand, office paper has regained some of its loses, and e-commerce is a common shopping method. Learn what all this means for the future of the market and how to leverage it to the advantage of your business.

Spotlight on Electronics: Emerging Trends in Electronics Recycling and ITAD

New and more electronic devices are introduced everyday throughout the world. Immense data collection will increase with the full rollout of 5G and edge computing. New environmental and social goals proposed by manufacturers, increasing restrictions on reselling consumer electronics, and the need for international standards all create a challenging landscape. Gain the knowledge to respond and adapt to this fast-changing environment.

Data Destruction Trends for ITAD

From cellphones to automobiles, a growing number of sources are collecting personal data. With the rollout of 5G, more devices and products will exchange data to provide improved interface experiences, new services, customer conveniences, and improved safety. Governments are responding by passing laws and regulations to require complete data destruction to protect sensitive consumer data. Learn how to set your operation up for success in this new data landscape.

Right-to Resell – The First Sale Doctrine

The First Sale Doctrine is an American legal concept that limits the rights of an intellectual property owner to control resale of products embodying its intellectual property. Increasingly manufacturers are trying to prohibit the resale of their products by recyclers. Make sure you have the background knowledge to operate legally and profitably.

The “New” Requirement for Recyclers: ESG

ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) is emerging as a requirement for investors, so government and public institutional investors as well as private equity investors are beginning to require standardized ESG reporting. Corporations are already building programs for public and investor goodwill and as part of their mission, but also because they see the regulatory requirements coming. Get the full breakdown of ESG including the opportunities, challenges, and more.

The Role and Rollout of International Standards

International standards for electronics recycling have enabled recyclers around the globe to buy and sell products for reuse or for recycling while providing assurances and confidence for their customers. While these international standards have helped enable trade and provide market advantages, they have also become more complex and costly risking their continued growth and their goals of improving recycling globally. Gain the knowledge to navigate, comply, and shape these standards moving forward.

Time to Prove It: Tools That Highlight Your Greatness

Image is everything in business, and being able to tell your story is as important as ever. But for our industry in 2022, it’s time to put the cards on the table. “We do it the right way!” is a good place to start, but customers, neighbors, and regulators need the proof. Learn ways your company can understand the image it projects, change its story, and come out on top. Dress your business for success.

Path to Sustainability: What Is It and Why You Should Care

For years sustainability was synonymous with environment, but the concept of sustainability has evolved to encompass so much more. Learn how you can increase your customer base, strengthen employment opportunities, and save money by taking a tour through the ISRI Sustainability Toolkit.

One ISRI: Recycling Workshop

Take part in an overview of the different aspects of recycling through a fast-paced, multimedia presentation packed with great information applicable to both veterans and those new to the recycling industry. Brought to you by the Women in Recycling Council.

Imagining & Creating a Sustainable Future: The Role of Recyclers and Our Industry

What does “sustainability” mean and how can we achieve it? Come explore these questions as well as the challenges, opportunities, and myths. Discuss how your company can proactively achieve a more sustainable future. Learn from the recyclers who have built and advocated for sustainability programs that have successfully impacted operations.

From Recycler to Supplier: How Digitalization Can Improve Your Recycling Operations

Learn the simple steps your yard can take to provide a digital experience for your employees and customers. As technology advances, the recycling industry is naturally slower to adopt new software or online tools. By sharing simple tools and do-it-yourself changes, leaders can learn how embracing new technology in recycling can help prepare for continued growth. Don’t get left behind.

How Can ISRI Help Your Company in a Crisis?

ISRI has resources to help you when a crisis strikes. Come learn about member resources that can be tailored for you to use with the media, community leaders, and other decision-maker audiences.

The Biden Administration’s Vision for Recycling

Recycling is essential to manufacturing, the global economy, and environmental stewardship. The Biden Administration is pursuing a multifaceted agenda of building infrastructure to bolster a 21st century economy, fighting climate change through green development, and ensuring environmental justice for all. Hear from senior Administration officials about this agenda and their views on integrating the recycling industry in the implementation of these initiatives.

Catalytic Converter Theft - Legislation & Enforcement and the Effect on Recycling

The surge in catalytic converter theft as a result of rising precious metals prices has caused issues for the recycling industry as well as law enforcement. Join a panel of law enforcement experts for a discussion on how state and local legislation affect catalytic converter theft as well as the possible need for federal legislation.

Back to the Future 2: The Family Business

Brought to you by ISRI’s Century Club Three family businesses, three stories of challenges, opportunities, success, and growth. Take home lessons learned across three multi-generational family businesses.

Cybersecurity: Pitfalls, Risk, and Solutions

From the far reaches of the dark web to the browser on your screen right now, cybersecurity touches almost every aspect of our professional lives. Three industry experts will give you the tools you need to assess your current cybersecurity capabilities in terms of the dangers, risk management, abatement, and best practices.

7 Best Ways to Control Insurance Costs and Increase Profits

Interested in finding out why insurance companies love ISRI’s Circle of Safety Excellence (COSE), how to make your Safety Committee more effective, or how regular key employee interviews and safety rewards can make your company safer? Join this session on business property and casualty, and gain the practical and effective ideas you need to make your company more efficient and profitable.

Coping with Grief and Loss

The pandemic is a stark reminder that things can change in a minute. People have had to deal with grief and loss on an ongoing basis. Gain a better understanding of COVID-19’s impact on grief and loss and the interplay with your professional self.

Chemical Recycling for Plastics: A Solution or a Rival?

For the past few years, concern about plastics in the environment has been a dominant theme. Improving the recycling rate is critical to prevent plastics from entering the environment. Mechanical methods are in wide commercial use, but they are feasible only for certain types of plastics. Chemical methods have been proposed as complementary (if not competing) approaches to managing supplies of used plastics. Gain a better perspective on chemical recycling and its potential and implications for plastics recycling.

Ferrous Spotlight: An Industry in Transition

Industry consolidation continues to reshape the market structure of both the U.S. steel and ferrous recycling sectors. Learn about the key drivers for iron and steel recycling including the outlook for additional integration, domestic steel mill capacity expansion plans, the rising trend in the global use of recycled metal, and much more!

Nickel/Stainless Spotlight: Focus on Future Demand

Description: Stainless steel recyclers continue to face a range of challenges including volatile raw material input prices, transportation bottlenecks, and a shifting global landscape. As the global economy continues to recover in 2022, learn about expected sources of demand growth for recycled stainless steel both in the United States and in key export markets around the world.

Aluminum Spotlight: How Long Can the Light Metal Outperform?

Aluminum market participants enjoyed solid gains in primary and secondary metal prices along with elevated physical market premiums in 2021 as supply chain disruptions contributed to market tightness. Get the latest insights from our expert panel of industry members and market analysts on whether recycled aluminum’s increasingly important role in a sustainable future will keep the party going.

Copper Spotlight: Red Metal Market Global Outlook

Ongoing investment in domestic recycled copper processing and consumption continues to brighten the outlook for red metal recyclers, especially at a time when global trade patterns are being reshaped by new trade regulations. Don’t miss this timely discussion on the outlook for recycled copper supply and demand in key regional markets including North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Tire and Rubber Spotlight: Recycling’s Role in Sustainable Development

Tire and rubber recycling is simultaneously expected to play a vital role in improving America’s infrastructure and sustainability, while also facing heightened state and local regulatory challenges. Gain a better understanding about new tire and rubber recycling technologies, market challenges and opportunities, and the demand outlook from construction, transportation, and new applications.